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LaCie unveils new ‘Mirror’ portable hard drive with Corning Gorilla Glass 3

After the tech world exhausted innovations based on functionality and with little else left to innovate upon, tech entities are now looking for ways to innovate on the fashionability of devices. These attempts have now culminated into Seagate owned premium devices’ brand, ‘LaCie’ (pronounced as lah-see) coming out with a crazily priced new hard disk that definitely scores high on the fashion meter.lacie-mirror-hard-drive

Named as ‘Mirror’, the new device, which is priced at $280, has a shiny reflective surface because it comes encased completely in scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The use of Gorilla Glass is an indicator of the idea that collaborative tech is most likely to yield innovations in the coming years. LaCie, which was acquired by Seagate in 2012, at a reputed $186 Million price tag, commissioned the famed French designer, ‘Pauline Deltour’ to come out with the attractive new piece of fashion tech.

This new ‘Mirror’ hard drive will be launched at this year’s annual tech show, the Consumer Electronics Show, which is organized annually at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. It will be available in the mass market by late January 2015.

The shiny reflective mirror encasing which is a strengthened version of the Gorilla Glass houses a 1 TB storage capacity with USB 3.0 capability. It is also compatible with legacy USB ports. It can be imagined that the device’s reflective mirror will spice up your office desk as a decorative item, in addition to being a fashionable object to tout at your home. More so, because the LaCie Mirror comes with a very eye-pleasing wooden stand made from ebony wood of Makassar, Indonesia.

The previous brick type looking hard drives appeared out of place in one’s professional space and this aspect of theirs may now soon become history with the new product announced by LaCie.

The idea behind the ‘Mirror’ look of the HD drive was explained by the company as, the mirror being the most important invention after the wheel, because it allowed humans to reflect upon themselves and their experiences. Accordingly, the LaCie Mirror’s storage will be expected to be a reflection of what an individual’s ideas and experiences are like.

However, we would like to think that the idea was drawn from the ‘touch screen’ revolution engineered by Apple that fundamentally changed the earlier clunky looking mobile device. Perhaps, the near future may also be expected to release HD drives with touch sensitive functionalities on their ‘mirror coverings’?

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