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IoT themed CES 2015 to feature smart home, drones and driverless cars

Connection and Integration are the current tech philosophy that is seeking to automate and integrate every device available to humans presently. The ‘Internet of Things’ has come to dominate the popular discourse in the tech world, and therefore this year’s CES will see a lot of automated ‘Smart’ Home appliances from mixers & grinders to fridges and washing machines.ces-international-2015

However, no major ground-breaking innovation has yet been announced by any company for this year’s tech show that is already touted as the greatest tech show on Earth. Therefore, expect to see a re-hashed presentation of existing tech and devices with the changes being in the domain of quality or appearance only. Amidst all of this Sony and LG are rumored to unveil a super-ultra 8K resolution OLED TVs that may become the major attraction at this year’s event.

However, it must be noted that there just isn’t enough content available at even 4K resolution for the 8K resolution TVs to enjoy any traction in the consumer markets. But if any past trends are any indication, CES events are utilized more for staking claim to being the first innovator than grabbing a share in the mass market. This is clear from the fact that HDTVs enjoyed mass traction only after a decade since their first introduction. One may also look forward to the new ‘Quantum Dot Technology’ enabled TVs, which were announced by LG quite a bit before the event dates.

This year’s CES will provide fresh impetus in the direction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which are popularly called, ‘Drones’. Skysense is slated to release charging pads, which are analogous to in-flight refuel methods. With Skysense’s charging pad, one no longer needs to obtain the drone, remove the batteries and charge them, but instead can simply direct the drone over the charging pad and get the drone refueled for the next flight. Interested visitors will also get to meet Skysense’s CEO, Mr. Andrea Puiatti who will present the workings of the new charging pad.

But, the innovation that will be most keenly watched at this year’s CES show and which could also be the annual event’s showstopper, has to be the High-Tech Cars, including driver less cars. Despite CES only being a tech show, the inclusion of connected cars as exhibitions in the event indicates the show’s continuing importance and relevance as a launching ground for the advanced futuristic technology. No wonder major auto companies such as Toyota, Volkswagn and Ford have already announced their presence at this year’s event.

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