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Does the annual CES tech show continue to be relevant?

Although the importance of the annual CES tech show over the years cannot be denied as the CES event has often been the incubator for revolutionary consumer technology that has impacted people’s lives. The CES show has already developed a concrete legacy because it has been the debuting grounds for devices as life changing as the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), Compact Discs (CDs), Digital Video Discs (DVDs), HDTVs, Xbox, 3DTVs and many more.

It can also be given to the CES event that it had the fore-vision to promote and incentivize tech innovation during those decades when it was not yet realized how technology can be used to completely revolutionize our lives. It was in 1970s, that the VCR was exhibited, but it became commercially popular only 5 years later. Similarly, it was in 1998 when the HDTV was introduced at a CES show for the first time, yet its uptake kicked off only in the recent years. Thus CES has often proved to be the initial spark that convinces innovators to commercialize their products for mass production and marketing.

The post-millennial decade left no doubt in anyone’s mind about the impact that technology has in our lives, as life-altering innovations came our way for adoption into our daily use. This realization has generated a maddening race in the tech world to automate and integrate every mundane device available for use in our daily lives. Sample this, in the 2014 edition of CES, ‘Smart socks’ was introduced, and which counted a runner’s step and predicted possible injuries.

Will not using such socks impair the normal mental evolution process of a runner who is training himself to understand his body better? Will not this result in a world of dumb people using smart devices. This has also created a situation where we have Ultra HD TVs showing programs of lesser resolutions. This crazy rush for tech driven innovation will now be behind the exhibition of automated baby pacifiers that will be integrated into the internet as an ‘Internet of Thing (IoT) device.

The fancy title of an IoT device is nothing but a euphemism for the ‘app’ innovation that has been stripped off its original essence. Now the aim has been reduced to merely developing a controlling app that connects the device to the internet and receives instructions over a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE network. This ‘app’ economy has now come to dictate the world of technology and as a result, the original ‘life-altering’ technologies which CES was earlier known for are increasingly disappearing from the shelves.

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