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CES 2015: Internet of Things and Smart Automation to dominate this year

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), launched after the failure of the rival trade show called Comdex, will be kick-started this week on Tuesday, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Nevada. With this year’s edition, CES will enter into its 48th edition since its inception and its 18th edition as an annual technology show, after it was converted to a once a year format in its 1998th edition.ces2015

The show has not been made open to the public yet, but that has not stopped the number of visitors from increasing to a whopping 155,000 in its 2014th edition. On an average the footfalls have been increasing by 10% every year. It was at a CES show that a video cassette recorder was exhibited for the first time in 1970

The annual show organized at the Las Vegas Convention Centre is the Mecca for technology companies, individuals, inventors and innovators to showcase the latest that is available in the world of technology. Remarkably, America’s most major innovations were first exhibited at a CES show. All major tech innovations in the past few decades from CDs, Digital Audio, DVDs to HDTVs, Xbox, 3DTv were displayed at an annual CES event. The reception to gadgets at CES often becomes a benchmark for its future uptake and popularity. However, recently, newer gadgets introduced at CES events have failed to create a sustainable interest among consumers after they were put out on the market.

With the excitement generated by the potential of complete automation in our lives through the use of computer embedded devices integrated with the internet, this year’s CES event has been themed on ‘Internet of Thing (IoT)’ devices. No wonder that the tech world is vibrant with incremental innovations aimed at improvising upon daily devices in order to automate their functionalities.

Thus, this year one may find on display such things as automated smoke alarms, baby pacifiers, driver less cars, home appliances, especially white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines. It can also be observed that recent innovations have not only been on the functionality aspect but also on the fashionable element too, because there has been a concerted effort at improving the device designs and therefore we now have curved Smart watches and T.Vs.

The IoT revolution currently underway in the tech world is now increasingly spilling over to the consumer domain with more and more daily use products improvised and automated. Smart-tech is the new philosophy guiding this year’s CES event.

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