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Twitter’s video-platform to compete with YouTube

Twitter is developing a native video service that will be a “full-blown YouTube competitor” and will be released by 2015. The details were stated in  the full end-user license agreement for Twitter Video in their Javascript.twitter-video

Twitter’s video service will support”mp4″ and “mov” formats, 10 minutes maximum duration and 16:9 aspect ratio. More details regarding the service was mentioned the FAQ. The company aims to offer more possibilities than offered by Vine. Kevin Weil, VP of product stated that users can watch short-looping vine videos along with long native videos.

“Aside from just watching video more easily on Twitter, you should be able to record, edit and share your own videos natively on Twitter too,” said Weil.

The website of the upcoming video service, video.Twitter.com is partially live and reveals the social-networking site’s aim of competing with YouTube. Users will be able to choose their own thumbnails for the videos and must be either JPG or PNG formats. The video service is also recommending use of high-resolution videos as there is no upload limit.

The videos can be tweeted but scheduling tweets is not possible. Twitter will not allow videos from YouTube or any other video services as they must be uploaded on the site’s video platform. The site has decided to keep out third-party advertisers from placing content.

Users will be able to view video stats like when the video starts, quartile completion rates and from where the views were acquired. Use of third-party tools for measuring views is restricted while tweets with videos can be deleted after posting.

Apart from the launch of the new video service during the year, the site will offer more location features as the company had partnered with Foursquare, more “While you were away” features and improved Direct Messaging tools.

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