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Acer tags Chromebook 15 at $250; adds to the previous versions

Chromebook has always been known as the small and sturdy device which is easy to carry, work on and delivers a good power support as well. As a result, the general tendency among the customers is to look forward to the  small yet cheaper and powerful laptop in it. But Acer is probably now thinking to shift gears to a certain extent. Till date Chromebook has been marked as a small laptop and it has been one of  the marking features of the product. With an evolution, Acer has decided to broaden the dimensions of the Chromebook to 15.6 inches.

Acer tags Chromebook 15 at $250; adds to the previous versions

The Chromebook 15 comes with Google’s browser focused operation system with a broad 15.6 inch screen just as in the general laptops. To add to it, Chromebook 15 is very heavy as well with an approximate weight of around about 4.85 pounds. According to the experts, the Chromebook 15 is not at all meant for the general users of Chromebook. Instead, Acer is probably looking forward to induce it into the general laptop category with its Chromebook 15.

Chromebook 15 has been priced at approximately $250 which might just seem to be a bit too much considering the previous models. The design is also very much similar to Chromebook 13, except for the size which is more in this case. The upcoming model will be powered by Intel’s 5th generation i3 processors or Celeron processors, which in turn adds to performance wished for!

Acer is also reintroducing its much appreciated Chromebook 13 with a new touch screen version. The new model has been priced at $330, which again might seem a bit too much for some customers. No precise information is yet known about the specifications or the tentative date of release of Chromebook 15. We will probably have to wait till CES 2015 for any official announcement.


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