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Internet Freedom in danger since 2014

Two separate reports indicated that Internet Freedom has been declining since 2014 and is in danger. The reports were based on studies conducted in 65 countries based on user access to Internet and laws governing the World Web.internet-global

The study revealed that web freedom has been declining for the fourth back to back year and specifies the administrative actions for restricting applications and tech advancements by restrictions on content, website filters and monitoring users online activities. The statistics revealed the restricted web freedom in several parts of the world like China and Russia.

In 2015, there will be increased restrictions as Turkey and Russia are planning more control on foreign companies. Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated the Internet first appeared as a CIA project while China shut down Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. According to Newsy’s report, there has been a 53 percent decline in Internet freedom since mid-2013.

The organization revealed that about 41 countries had either proposed or passed legislation to penalize legitimate forms of speech online. Anton Nosik, a Russian blogger claimed that governments were delusional to think that they could remove an article of video footage from the web in the age where content can be duplicated and posted somewhere else.

The Turkish government was criticized by Internet giants after it tried to block leaked documents  on Twitter in March. Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the government to block the tweeting site after the organization refused to withdraw the posts accusing government authorities of corruption.

While users expect a free and unrestricted usage of the Internet, governments expect to take control on the American-owned social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Iran, Syria and China were the countries which “performed the worst” while Russia, Turkey and Ukraine had the largest decline in Internet freedom. New York Times predicts increased clash between users and governments on Internet Freedom.

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