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FCC to bring ‘Net Neutrality’ proposal to vote next month

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stated that it would vote on ‘Net Neutrality’ proposal on Feb. 26. After several hurdles, telecom operators hoped the FCC to take action  in the year-long issue.FCC

The statement was disclosed after Washington Post predicted expected day of the vote. FCC spokeswoman Kim Hart revealed that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler would bring the vote next month. However, Hart refused to divulge any additional details regarding that would be circulated by Wheelet in February.

In 2014, net neutrality rules approved by the FCC in 2010 were removed by the US appeals court. According to the court’s ruling, the rules were similar to common carrier regulations and the commission did not reclassify broadband providers as regulated utilities. However, the court stated that some regulations can be used if FCC passed Net neutrality regulations.

Several advocates and groups like Free Press and Public knowledge urged the FCC for strong regulations that would prevent internet traffic prioritization deals. The groups also required the commission to regulate broadband as a  regulated public utility and exemption from price regulation.

Reports indicate that Wheeler might bring in hybrid Net Neutrality rules for classifying broadband service as a regulated public utility. This would divide broadband for retail with limited regulation while the other service will be a regulated common carrier. However, President Barack Obama informed the FCC for reclassification of broadband as a regulated utility.

Net Neutrality is based on ‘Open Internet’ concept for the same access of the Internet to all without any prioritization. Verizon, Comcast and AT&T Inc. mentioned that lighter regulation is needed that would not slow Internet and stricter rules required investment. However, Google is providing broadband and television service that are several times faster than the service provided by other companies. The company stated in a filing to the FCC this week for open-internet rules that will give the company’s Fiber project to use utility poles for expansion.

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