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San Diego International Auto Show Invites Fans’ Zest and Love for Cars

The San Diego International Auto Show is up and running at the San Diego Convention Center. It will stay alive until Sunday and is driving great enthusiasm from the car lovers. The fans are getting a treat while checking the specs and features of their favorite cars.san-diego-auto-show

Cars like the Lexus RC F are being displayed in the show and all their features are being unraveled. Lexus RC F flaunts a great molten pearl body look that stands out among all. The colors of the car are uniquely attractive. As commented by German Garcia, “The paint job is really nice, I like the front end. It’s different from other sports cars.”

RC F is standing high as the center of attention among the crowd and is one of the most noteworthy vehicles in the auto show. The car possesses a 5 liter fuel capacity with a V-8 engine that can go up to 60 mph in a matter of 4.4 seconds. It costs a whopping $78,000 but every inch of the car is worth the price. The rearview mirror of the car is something to mention as well. Its grill can make you believe that it is smirking at you.

Danny Bopp, a Lexus product specialist stated, “People are going pretty nuts for this car; there’s been a lot of demand.”

There are an ample of cars that are driving praise among the audience, including the likes of the rare 1967 Shelby American Cobra to the brand new Porsche 918 Spyder. The auto show is a great retreat for the car lovers who are opting for a new car as they can see all the functionality and specs of the upcoming cars in the market.

In terms of versatility, the cars in auto show are worth a mention. The new Jeep Renegade Trailhawk is as stylish and spacious as you can imagine. It can be taken for an off road adventure and it remains the core functionality of the jeep. It possesses 17 inch aluminum wheels and the tire treads are designed in such a way that it can throw the dirt apart. However, you cannot purchase the jeep until spring.

The Auto show is inviting attention and its tickets can be bought online at a price of $12 per person and the ticket for children would cost a mere $8.

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