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Rockstar extends ‘GTA 5 online’ special event after hack attack

As hackers disrupted Sony PlayStation and Xbox Live networks during Christmas, Rockstar has extended its Grand Theft Auto 5 online special event update for gamers. Xbox networks are back online by Friday while Sony’s network were restored today.gta

The Festive surprise offered to gamers in the form of update 1.19 included surprises like weapons, proximity mines, snow weather and new clothing. The developer also added holiday-themed wardrobe, sweaters mask and others for the Christmas experience. Winter weather was made available in San Andreas including snowball fights though the feature is not available now in GTA online.

A Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, a massive slamvan, a shiny Massacro and Jester sports car were the vehicles that were included in the update and is automatically added to the players. Players can access the fireworks launcher and rocket ammo for a limited period while  homing missile and proximity mines will be permanently available in GTA online. The limited period offer was earlier offered during Independence Day.

Rockstar tweeted that the Christmas Festive event was extended due to the disruptions in PSN and XBL connectivity, much to the relief of PS gamers. The developer, which usually releases, updates during Tuesday, released the festive update as a surprise but was disrupted by the Lizard Squad hacking group. However, reports emerged that some PS4 users were unable to login though PS3 users were able to access the networks.

The developer has not indicated the duration of the extended event, though there would be enough time for PlayStation gamers to update the game. The only thing gamers will miss out is the snowfall in Los Santos and the last date of the festive event will be revealed after an update from Rockstar.

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