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App trends on Windows Phones for 2014 and its probable implications

Windows Phones are, as it is finding it difficult to battle out the tough competition from Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, it is important to seek out the correct plans to make amends in 2015. Comprehending to the analysis recently posted by the Windows developers blog, it seems that developers may be forced to bring out applications optimized for the low memory smartphones.App trends on Windows Phones for 2014 and its probable implications

According to the analysis posted, Windows Phone 8.1 is currently the most used Windows operating system and also accounts for approximately 92% of the downloads of the year 2014. Thus, it is obvious that the developers will be looking forward to develop applications for the Windows Phone 8.1 Operating system, primarily.

According to another set of statistics, Lumia 520 is the most used Windows Phone which means that the smartphone also plays a major part in the downloads section. To be precise, Lumia 520 counts for 25% of the application downloads. Thus, it might act as an added incentive for the developers to develop applications for the low end  Windows Phones with low RAM and other configuration.

We should be expecting quite a few games in the year 2015 as the category has proved to be one of the most fruitful categories for most of the developers. For the year 2014, Games was the leader followed by Tools and Productivity, Muic and Videos and Social applications. Although, no direct reference has been made in this regard, it can very well be expected that the developers will focus on developing more games for Windows Phones leading to better revenue.

To be very true, not a lot of people are actually interested in Windows Phones considering the features provided by Android and iOS. Thus, it will be quite a tough job on hands for Microsoft and the developers to attract more users as they are already struggling to hold on to he users that they have. Microsoft might just have a huge role to play in this regard.

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