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Kodak to unveil its first Android smartphones and tablets at CES 2015

If you thought that it was farewell time for Kodak, the once well-known makers of camera, well, you might just be needed to reconsider your thought. Kodak is gearing up to back into the height of things with its very own Android smartphone. The news comes after the official announcement made by the company.kodak-hoardings

According to the press release, Kodak and a leading mobile device manufacturer, Bullitt group will work together on  Android devices built with the purpose to serve as the best Android device for image management. Having known the fact that Kodak has its own expertise in image management, it will be interesting to see how the company works with its Android Smartphone.

According to the press release, Kodak is looking forward to make a high-end device, but with interesting and easy to use User interface. The devices produced by Kodak will be especially aimed for the individuals who are in need to quality and technicality as well coupled with lesser complexities.

According to the statement made by Mr. Oliver Schulte, CEO Bullitt Mobile, Kodak is one of the well-known and sought after brands of the world. To be true, Kodak can easily be named as one of the best when it comes to manufacturing cameras. Having known the fascination that Kodak has for quality, we can be assured that the Android smartphones coming up will not be something thrash.

The experts  believe that if and when Kodak’s mobile devices come into the market, one can be sure that they will be designed for classic photography. In addition, Kodak and Bullitt Mobile has already mentioned that they will not compromise on design and the UI. Not a lot of other information is available currently on Kodak smart devices. We will probably have to wait till CES 2015 to get the first glimpse.

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  1. Kodak made film for cameras, not "camera" (sic).

  2. Really? Do you think this will do any better than their foray into copiers? Kodak's brand today, for the most part, is associated with those machines in drug stores you use to print cheap pictures.

  3. Ink jet printers too. Late to market and cheap quality. Piggyback on others who are iterations beyond in value. But they will still charge a lot for them.

  4. Why is it that no one proof reads stuff on the internet anymore? This reads like something a Chinese third grader pushed through Google translate. (no offense intended towards Chinese third graders…)

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