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DirecTV signs deal with Disney; shows accessible across all smart devices

DirecTV seems to be a step ahead of its direct competitors as the live video streaming company has silently struck a deal with Disney. While most of its competitors were busy pulling each other down, DirecTV has probably gone into one of the best possible deals with Disney. According to the announcement made this week, the online video streaming company has acquired the rights to transmit all of Disney’s programs anywhere in its custody on all internet supported devices.DirecTV signs deal with Disney; shows accessible across all smart devices

The new deal has been struck as a renewal of the previous one with Disney. According to the terms of the deals, all DirecTV subscribers will be able to view all the programs and channels under Disney’s supervision on any internet connected device. This means that the views will have unlimited access to Disney Channel, ESPN and ABC. Interestingly, Video-on-demand is also a part of the deal, which puts DitecTV subscribers in a better position that most of the subscribers of other video streaming services.

In addition, the availability of all the services on any internet connected devices like laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc. just adds to the benefits that the DirecTV subscribers have. In case you are a subscriber, you can easily watch the live feeds and videos any time you want. What this means that the subscribers will no longer be needed to record the shows that they miss adding another benefit for the user.

Other that the channels. The subscribers will also be able to have direct access to internet content like Watch ABC, Watch ESPN, Watch Disney XD, etc.. According to the Chief Content Officer of DirecTV, Mr. Dan York, the deal has landed the subscribers in a position where they can feel free about  what to watch as they will have access to each and every content any time they want.


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