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Minneapolis gets world’s fastest home internet speed

The network provider US Internet is rolling out the fastest home internet speed to some residents in the Minneapolis suburb of Minnetonka. The 10 gigabit internet is faster than Google Fiber and the suburb will be the first US city to receive the internet speed.10-gb-internet

The 10 Gbps speed is about 30 times faster than average internet speeds nationwide and beats the average speed in North Korea and similar planned connections in the United Kingdom. CEO John Caldwell stated that the internet offered a game-changing speed and claimed that movies can be downloaded in seconds. The company announced that the connection with matching download and upload speeds will be priced at $399 per month.

The connections will be available only to a limited number of users, though the company plans to expand the service by 2015. The company has already been offered $65 per month plan to over 30,000 households that offer download speeds of 1 GB per second. The existing consumers will be eligible for the service. The new service will be the fastest home internet connection in the world.

Caldwell mentioned that the new fiber network has revamped home internet and internet speed entered next-Gen levels. However, the connection remains accessible to high-earning citizens and would require modifications in the home networking. The high cost is attributed to the way the internet is provided to consumers as the wiring in the home is completely different.

The company provides network speeds at a lower rate when compared to other networks which offer lower speeds with the same pricing. With the competitive pricing, it remains to be seen if Google Fiber and other fiber network providers would rethink over the pricing.

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  1. Pretty sure the average speed in North Korea is close to 0. So that's not saying much.

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