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Xbox and PlayStation Networks hacked, gamers demand action

Millions of Xbox and PlayStation users, including those who received their consoles as Christmas gifts vented their frustration on Sony and Microsoft after the networks went offline after the hack attack on Thursday. Microsoft’s service went online on Friday while Sony’s network remained offline.playstation-network-hacked

However, third-party services on Microsoft’s network remained limited after “core services” were back online. Lizard Squad, the hacking group has claimed responsibility for the Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack which was criticized by gamers and certain hackers. With the disruption continuing into the second day, gamers took complained on Twitter to restore the networks.

“They’re well-practiced and, from what I see, they’ve got the capability to take down a lot of things,” said Dan Holden, Director of security research at Arbor Networks.

Apparently, Kim Dotcom, a New Zealand based entrepreneur accused of abetting internet piracy was credited by the hacking group for restoring Xbox Live network. Kim had offered free vouchers for his online privacy service if Lizard Squad restored Xbox’s network. Both the companies claimed that they could not confirm the source of attacks.

Earlier, Lizard Squad owned responsibility on Twitter for an attack on online gaming networks of Sony, Riot games, etc. including the fake bomb threat to a Sony Executive in August. Several security experts indicate the group is capable of serious disruption.  The group contacted Holden on Twitter to call them “cyber-terrorists”.

Holden stated that the disruption was causing serious damage to gaming companies as huge amount of cost is incurred in restoring networks. By Friday, the group Twitter handle indicated that it was focusing on encryption service Tor, though the company claimed that the service was under attack but without any change in performance.

Sony has come under repeated hacking attacks, including the recent attack for the “The Interview” film that was released publicly after Christmas.

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