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Apple iTunes’ iRadio now competing with Spotify & Pandora

Apple’s iRadio – a Spotify & Pandora kind of audio streaming service has almost has 11 million of users already – thanks to the integration into the iOS and desktop syncing and music software – iTunes.

Apple has integrated the music streaming service iRadio to iTunes and iOS 7
Apple has integrated the music streaming service iRadio to iTunes and iOS 7

Apple has a pretty happy weekend this time and the iPhone 5S seems to be the blockbuster smartphone ever made by the company along with the roll-out of iOS 7 for previous models also is a huge hit!

In Apple’s iTunes 11.1 onward,  iRadio is embedded into the iTunes software as well as the iOS 7’s music software, which almost work as Spotify & Pandora. Moreover, iRadio has the advantage of being embedded into the operating system, it also takes the cues from the user’s library and the design of the app will help the music track purchases in very easy manner.

This 11 million active users are for first few weeks as they may return to their current internet radio service or they may not! The iRadio has the capacity to earn the trust of the users and not being with a dedicated app, users may not need to regularly update their app regularly. Some users may be irritated or not used to the algorithm of the iRadio, who has been used to the algorithm of Pandora or Spotify. However, Apple has the ability to bring the users to the new streaming service, which works effortlessly without installing a dedicated app for this. But the iOS 7 installation in more than 200 million devices in first week, may bring at least 30% of iRadio users, which may come approximately to 60 million easily. The company is further moving ahead by selling more than 9 million iPhones in first weekend – only in initial 3 days! What is your view? Do you want to switch to the new service or want to stay in the current internet music streaming app?

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