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HTT aims to make Elon Musk’s ‘hyperloop’ transportation a reality

Startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) aims to make ‘hyperloop’ transportation, an intercity tube that would transport passengers at 600 miles per hour a reality. The HTT team has released a report based on Tesla founder Elon Musk’s futuristic ‘hyperloop’ system and outlines the issues that need to be sorted out.Hyperloop-Transportation-Technologies

The 76-page report reveals plans to connect San Francisco with Los Angleles though the new system could be implemented in several parts of the world based on the feasibility study. The study indicated that the system could technically find its way into US-wide transportation network. HTT CEO Dirk Ahlborn stated that he was confident of building it.

“The Hyperloop design uses a combination of low air pressure and magnetic acceleration to get people from LA to SF in about 30 minutes,” said the report.

While it would require six hours for a person to drive 400 miles, the futuristic system will allow a trip to be completed in less than an hour. With $16 billion cost estimate, the tickets are likely to be priced between $20-$30 or even higher. The report mentioned that if the price point was similar for all cities, it could change the way people work and live in cities.

The ‘hyperloop’ transportation idea was first conceived by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk though any plans were announced. The system is similar to the working of old pneumatic tubes that were used to send messages using air pressure in publications, companies, banks and others. Inside the capsule, passengers will be seated in aerodynamic pods in the size of vans.

HTT is planning three separate designs for luxury passengers, economy passengers and freight passenger. However, designers are yet to decide whether bathrooms should be included or there would be shorter trips. The company is in the early stages of discussion with experts and about 100 people are working on the project currently.

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