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FCC might tweak a rule allowing more companies to stream live TV

The US FCC is all set to play the role of the savior for some companies. The situation will be a bit better for many companies who have been waiting for the permission to telecast television shows online. According to the proposal from the Federal Communications Commission, there is a possibility of a small change in the rules depending on which it is decided that which company will be allowed to go on with television telecast online.fcc

Due to the condition, many companies in the past were not able to get on with the act of television telecast online. To be precise, in case, the change takes place, many companies will be allowed to stream TV channels online gaining the position of multi-channel video programming distributor.

The experts believe that although the set up of an MVPD would help various companies as well as customers, but the infrastructure is not yet available, which will be a genuine problem for FCC to handle. The best thing about MVPD is the fact that it will reduce the dependence of Television providers on the internet greatly.

The experts also believe that in case, the FCC decides to go on with the MVPD project, the competition in the television industry will increase to a great extent. With the current status, we already have quite a few ‘ifs and buts’ going around among the service providers. One of the sure good things on offer will be that with the addition of more competitors in the field, the users will have the opportunity to choose from a wider range.

The news has had a mixed reaction from the media. On one hand, the companies that are currently enjoying the permission to stream live television have not lauded the idea, but the companies who are planning to get into the mix of things seem happy.

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