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Google adds Christmas window shopping to Maps app

Christmas has come up with many surprises for the tech lovers. The news that has prepped Google Maps fans is that they will now be able to do Christmas Window Shopping over the app. During the holiday season, this is one of the best gifts that fans could receive from Google. From today, the Google Maps Business View will have a feature that will enable you to check out the shopping displays in London and New York.google-maps-christmas-window-shopping

This app will help the user to check out stores and discounts in them without having to compromise a ride to those stores in the cold. The users can now pull up their sleeves in order to enjoy their shopping spree with the help of the new app by Google Maps.

The new app will make it easy for the users to simply order their clothes or check the discounts on the streets of London and NY. The shopping lovers are in the treat after the announcement of the app. Google Maps Business View helps the surfers avoid cold weather and it has come out to be very handy for its users.

The new app is very closely similar to Google Street View. It enables the user to check out the properties on public highways. However, the shop fronts of some flagship stores are updated only to show their festive window displays. A 360 degree view of the stores is also possible through the app.

The users can peek into the world’s famous stores including the likes of Old Navy in San Francisco or Benetton in Moscow. When the users of Google click on the ‘see insider’ marker, they are taken for a tour of the shops in the city. It is an extremely useful app considering the festive time of the year.

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