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Christmas Deals: Amazon to sell Xbox One at $350 with a $50 gift Card

With Christmas just a few days away, this is probably the perfect time to finish off the shopping that is left for you. Why just for you, you can buy things for your son, your grandson, etc. Why I am saying so is because Amazon is currently offering an awesome deal on Microsoft’s Xbox One. GameStop and Best Buy were the first in offering deals on Microsoft;s Xobx One, but they are certainly not the last sellers to do so this Christmas. To be precise, both GameSpot and Best Buy are also offering the same exact deal offered By Amazon.xbox-one-assassins-creed-bundle

According to the current ongoing deals with Xbox, you can easily buy the set along with Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One Bundle. As a special offer for this Christmas, Amazon is also offering last year’s release, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag as well. Interestingly, all of this is just for $350. As an additional offer, Amazon is also offering a $50 gift card with every purchase.

The offer from Amazon is very much similar to that of offers provided by GameStop and Best Buy but with small differences. Thus, in case you are planning on buying anything as such, you certainly have the liberty to choose from three different options. You can also go for the offers available for Sony’s PlayStation 4 at any time of the day before the Christmas.

In addition, GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy are all offering quite a few varieties of offers on games and other products this Christmas. Considering that fact that only a few days are left for the Christmas Week to Arrive, it is high time that you finish off your shopping list instead of keeping it around. You can always find out the best offers via offer section for all the major sellers.

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