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Baidu’s report on China’s active Android users is astonishing

Google’s Android ecosystem’s growth not willing to stop and it keeps on growing with more and more userbase increments. As Android powers the high-end as well as the low-end budget smartphones and tablets unlike Apple iOS, the budget-minded consumers, especially in Asian countries are adapting the Android platform faster than any other mobile platforms. According to a new report released by Chinese search giant Baidu, China has 386 million active Android users, which is nearly a one third of the worldwide numbers.android-active-users-china

In the third quarter of last year, Baidu reported that China had 270 million active Android users every day. That means, in just one year, Google has seen 116 million daily active users in China for its mobile operating system.

According to a Baidu representative who issued the figure to the popular tech blog of Asia, this 386 million Android active users’ number was compiled for the search giant’s second quarter mobile distribution report. However, the company hasn’t mentioned the numbers in the report, instead, it showed a graph which depicts the growth of Android active users without displaying the actual numbers.

Baidu’s yearly report has become vital to Google and analysts to gain access to the Android growth in China. It’s because, Google counts its users through Google Play Store activations, and the Play Store has been banned in China. So, the Chinese Android users use many third-party app stores. Moreover, Baidu uses the unique users on a variety of apps to count the data.

As of now, Google’s Android operating system has over 1.1 billion global active users, and still counting. And this nearly 400 million Chinese Android active users make it about one third of the global users.

Many Chinese companies are manufacturing budget smartphones with high-end specs, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and now Lenovo. The noticeable fact here is, Xiaomi has sold 15.7 million smartphones in China in the third quarter of 2013. Xiaomi Redmi 1s, the Mi series and Redmi Note has become the popular choice in the Mainland China.

China expected to have 800 million online users by 2015; currently at 600 million. Analysts expect that China has over 75 percent of online users on mobile devices. Whatever the numbers, China’s imposing of ban on Google has become a headache for the company as it’s missing billions in advertising revenues as well as Google Play Store revenue, which is now shared by Chinese companies like Tencent, Xiaomi and Baidu. Not to forget, China has more custom Android ROM users than any other country.

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