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We say there will be no iPhone 6C or any ‘C’ in Apple’s next range of smartphone

Although the iPhone 5S & 5C models are outselling and has sold more than 9 million smartphones in the first weekend (first 3 days) after the release, the iPhone 5C model has not been praised by the consumer world and Apple might cut the “C” model since the next launch of it’s iPhone 6.

Bright Apple Store in Night
Bright Apple Store in Night

The company has not revealed the exact numbers of 5S and 5C sales, but obviously people are crazy about buying the Gold iPhone 5S and, if not available – they are going for the other 2 color variants. However, we haven’t seen any craze (except 1-2 guys) for the iPhone 5C model and the glowing colors of the ‘C’ models in the iPhone queues lined in front of stores at California, New York and Arkansas’ lonely Apple store.

Apart from the smartphones, the iOS 7 also shining after the roll-out to the previous devices. Many app developers also released iOS 7 friendly apps and even the prosecutors also released the statement to use the activation lock of iOS 7. According to the Apple’s announcement, there were more than 200 million downloads happened in first weekend after the global roll-out to the previous models.

The company may be tried get into the mass consumers by releasing the budget iPhone in “C” category, but it wasn’t able to cut the price into the “actual budget”. When asked about the high price tag for the “cheaper version” of iPhone, Tim Cook has said that it doesn’t want to enter into the “Junk Market,” where other players lies – pointing to Samsung, Sony, Apple & Google. Moreover, the overwhelming response from the Apple users, made the company to order their manufacturers to produce more Gold iPhone 5S components and it has got the clear message from the consumers – “They want Quality & Innovation“.

Apple iPhones out-performed and broken all expectations from the analysts, where iPhone 5S (especially the Gold!) took the lead and company might focus on the unique and luxury type of devices by focusing on high end of the market – not the Junk Market. What would your opinion – Apple’s term as “Junk Market” is right or will you expect Apple to force into this market in future?

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