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Google launches Cardboard VR SDK for Android and Unity

Earlier this year at its I/O developers conference, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has introduced Google Cardboard, a “do it yourself” virtual reality headset made from cardboard for any Android smartphones. Google seems to be interested in furthermore revolutionize the concept of a low budget virtual reality headset to conquer the Facebook run Oculus VR’s market. With only 24 supportive apps for these cardboard VRs, Google has already shipped over 500,000 units of Google Cardboards. Hence, Google wants the developers to bring more contents to this system by releasing Cardboard SDKs (Software Development Kit) for Android and Unity.google-cardboard-vr

Google has received a vast number of positive reviews from users as well as the critics, for really inexpensive virtual reality concept compared to some of its competitors – mainly, Oculus VR. Now, Facebook owns the company that re-invented the virtual reality market in recent times. Currently, tech giants like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic are also planning to launch their virtual reality headsets and platforms soon. By understanding the intensity of this new segment, Google plans to grab as much as market share by selling more Google Cardboards by adding more apps and games for the platform through the new Cardboard SDK for Android and Unity.

Although Google’s cardboard VR headsets are low in cost, it also provides personalization options for its users. Now that the company plans to expand this business, it has decided to give more potential personalization updates that make users to convert the cardboard virtual reality headsets according to their needs.

Google has decided to update some applications with options like “test drives to live concerts to fully-immersive games, and they all have something amazing to offer,” according to the blog post. Google even said, “The growth of mobile, and the acceleration of open platforms like Android makes it an especially exciting time for VR. There are more devices, and more enthusiastic developers than ever before, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!” And the company plans to hire more employees to the new virtual reality segment of its business.

Now, as the company pushes the system that it began as an experiment, and with its vast 500K Google Cardboard customers, the search giant will be making the concept a mainstream reality sooner – than later. And the good news is, out of those 24 Cardboard apps in the Google Play Store, 19 applications are free. Just download these apps, insert your phone into the cardboard and enjoy.

These cardboards are available from various manufacturers for the price range of $10.99 to $35. Some of them even come with the NFC tag as well. If you watch the space for a few more weeks, you might see hundreds of quality apps for the new Android virtual reality ecosystem soon.

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  1. Ares Hambone Jordan

    I thought FakeSpace in the 90s invented virtual reality (from one whom used to sell the CAVE)

  2. Check out https://www.yobi3d.com to look for 3D models for developing Cardboard Apps. It has a VR mode to see the search results in 3D with Cardboard.

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