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Original Ricketts Apple-1 sells for $365k at auction

A fully operational Apple-1 developed by Steve jobs in 1976 was sold for $365,000 in a Christie’s auction on Thursday. The personal computer was named Ricketts after it was sold to Charles Ricketts for $666.6 and were a part of the 200 units made by Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak.apple-1_christies-100535592-orig_500

The Ricketts Apple-1 was first acquired by entrepreneur Bruce Waldack in 1999 and was later sold to a collector in Virginia in 2004. The item has been labelled “Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents garage in Los Altos”. The unit includes two cancelled checks that were used as proof by the City of Los Altos to designate the 2066 Crist Drive home as a historic landmark. Early co-founder, Ron Wayne’s Apple archive was sold for $25,000. The archive included Apple-1 operation manual and Wayne’s original company logo.

“It all started with Apple-1 and with this particular machine,” said Andrew McVinish, Christie’s director of decorative arts last month.

However, the auction price was sold at a lesser price as earlier units were sold at almost double the latest price. Another Apple-1 was bagged by The Henry Ford in October for a massive $905,000 and is being displayed at Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. The unit had no modifications and the auction house Bonhams claimed that the computer was one of the first 50 units developed in the garage. In 2012, Apple -1 units were sold for $640,000 and another was sold for $370,5000 at a similar auction.

According to Apple-1 registry, there are about 63 remaining units, including non-operational ones, though the one sold in the latest auction is operational. Incidentally, Wozniak had recently revealed that the Apple garage story with Jobs is a myth as the units were not developed there. He added that the garage was mostly used to transport finished units to the store and give the feeling of working from home.

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