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Tech Summit: Rev. Jesse Jackson Urges For Workforce Diversity at Silicon Valley

Women in technology are still scarce. This was an important topic of discussion among all delegates present at the Tech Summit in Santa Clara, California. The issue arose at Diversity 2.0 with a positive approach to find the solution and include more and more women into the flourishing industry.jesse-jackson-workforce-diversity

Big names like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are one of the best companies to work for but when you look at their diversity, many questions arise. While fresh graduates join them every year there are still very less women coders in them.

All these companies participated in the Tech Summit organized by Jesse Jackson for this cause. Each sent a representative to support the initiative. Many companies said that diversity was never their focus when they started out, but now they are moving in the right direction. Keeping employee base diverse help the company grow a lot more. Even black and Latino students are in scarce numbers at top technology companies in and around Silicon Valley.

The forum discussion happened at Intel Headquarters and these companies have the capital to make changes. Racial diversity deficiency in more than 20 top companies in the world is clear from the workforce analysis where whites and mostly men outweigh by a large gap.

Jackson said that these companies are looking to fill these deficits and hire racially diverse employees. But going forward a goal needs to be set up at this Tech Summit. The top leaders of the companies also responded saying that a change in workforce diversity is coming slowly as these technology companies are also refining their culture.

Diversity program managers at Microsoft, Cisco and Pandora have kept a hefty budget for making this change. Emphasis on doing is more crucial as the Diversity Tech Summit ended on this note.

We hope that more women, blacks and Latino students get access to top class work opportunity and capital as well. Share with us your comments about racial diversity in your office.

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