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Capcom leaks PS4 and PC exclusive game – Street Fighter V

The teaser of Street Fighter V, developed by Capcom exclusively for PS4 and PC was accidentally leaked and was later removed. The teaser reveals gameplay between Ryu and Chun-Li and is slated to make its official debut at Sony PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas.

Sony is expected to make several announcements during the two-day event and will be attended by Capcom Street Fighter producer Yoshinoro Ono. PlayStation Experience was launched by Sony a month back and attendees along with developers can experience upcoming games for the console. Capcom’s decision to release the game as a PS4 and PC exclusive by leaving out Xbox  consoles has surprised gamers.

Capcom has remained silent on exclusion of Xbox One for the game’s release and regarding updates for Street Fighter IV on Xbox One. In June, rumors regarding the games pay-to-win model was dumped by Yoshinoro who claimed that the rumors were false and the game was still in development. Though the official website made the trailer private, “NeoGAF” users were able to provide screenshots of gameplay and characters.

After Street Fighter’s massive success by selling 8 million copies, it was well-known that the company was developing a sequel. It is being speculated that Capcom chose not to include Xbox in the franchise as it was not well received in Japan. However, the users argue that another version could be developed for Xbox consoles or could be a limited time exclusive like Rise of Tomb Raider.

The earlier title of the series, Street Fighter IV was released in 2009 for Xbox One, PS3 and PC. While Capcom is set to make an official announcement at the PlayStation Experience event, more details are set be revealed soon.

Street Fighter game for PS4 and PC Leaked Images

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