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AT&T to provide upgraded service to former Alltell customers in Illinois

AT &T customers in Southern Illinois will now experience better coverage by next week as the carrier upgraded its service. The service will benefit more than 40,000 former Alltell users as more cell towers were added for better call quality.att-logo-emblem

Alltell’s spectrum, subscribers, retail and network assets came under AT&T after its acquisition in September 2013. Since then, AT& T has been adding more towers to the existing Alltell towers and improving the services. This has also benefited AT&T as there is stronger coverage for existing subscribers and coverage has increased by 75 percent. AT&T Vice president Nancy Garvey stated that this would increase its competition with Verizon and offer users with more choices.

“What this means for folks in Southern Illinois is the best coverage, great LTE speeds,” said Garvey.

Garvey also mentioned that the customers will be able to use AT&T’s LTE service when they are out-of-town along with improved coverage. However, former Alltell customers will need to switch to AT&T handsets to use AT&T network. Postpaid Alltell subscribers in Southern Illinois were given the option of AT&T handsets free of cost and no extra contract. Prepaid customers were offered discounts on smartphones and plans.

Users were also offered discounts on upgrading existing smartphones to listed AT&T devices. Customers who have availed AT&T devices will be able to use the devices by next week. As AT&T have completed their network merging process, former Alltell consumers will start receiving message regarding the process and can start experiencing the improved call quality and coverage. An Alltell store in Carbondale has been taken over by AT&T for remodelling. The ribbon cutting was attended by mayor Don Monte and the new AT&T store is located across the University Mall.

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