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Report: Microsoft Xbox One Dominates Over Sony PS4 on Black Friday

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has introduced some attractive Xbox One and Xbox 360 bundles with free games as well as reduced the price tag as part of their Holiday Season campaign. And it looks like the new strategy to sell its gaming consoles worked well for the company. According to the market research firm InfoScout, Microsoft’s console Xbox One has beaten Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) on this Black Friday, the biggest day of the holiday season.gaming-console-sales-black-friday-data

According to the research firm, Microsoft Xbox One has been placed in 1st place in terms of sales with the dominating 53 percent share, while Sony’s PlayStation 4 settles into second place with 31 percent share. Microsoft’s last gaming console Xbox 360 made into the third spot by claiming a 9 percent of total gaming console sales. Surprisingly, Nintendo Wii U has crossed the 1 percent share of Sony’s PS3 console, with its impressive 6 percent share.

So, in total, Microsoft’s gaming consoles dominated the Black Friday sales with 62 percent share, whereas Sony earns a second spot with 32 percent share.

Analysts expected a different story – everyone believed that Sony would sell more PlayStation 4 consoles than Microsoft Xbox One, as the company recovered from its last year’s weak sales against the Xbox One. Earlier this year, Sony has shown a strong recovery and rose to the glory with millions of gaming consoles sold to the consumers.

Last year, Microsoft dominated the gaming console sales with 61 percent share, including Xbox One and Xbox 360, while Sony had managed to sell PS4 and PS3 with 15 percent share each, for a total of 30 percent. Last year, Sony would have made a big sale, if it had managed to stock up its PS4 consoles during the festival season. Sony had a disappointing manufacturing issue during those times, and Microsoft encashed the opportunity. See the sales chart of 2013 by Infoscout below:


Recently, Microsoft decided to slash the Xbox One price to $329 without the Kinect sensor, while Sony PlayStation 4 is priced at $400, approximately. Microsoft bundled Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Black Flag games with the console, while GTA 5 bundle hasn’t saved Sony PS4.

Still, in terms of total market share, Sony PS4 dominates the worldwide and the US market. If the latest trend continues, then Microsoft will become the number one gaming console maker in the world soon. Microsoft and Sony haven’t revealed any numbers so far. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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