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Yahoo and Microsoft battle it out for Safari’s default search engine

The battle to be the default search engine of Apple’s Safari glorifies as Microsoft Corporation and Yahoo Inc. battle it out within themselves. According to the reports, Google’s contract as the default search engine is set to expire soon and Apple Inc. is not looking keen enough to extend it.  With the expiration of the contract next year, Safari users will see the rise of some other search engine as the default one. Microsoft and Yahoo Inc. are leading the race with little or no space for the other.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft are working with Apple as Yahoo supports the stock market reports for Apple and Bing provides the search results for Siri. The rumors about Yahoo landing up with full control surfaced when the search engine replaced Google with Mozilla Firefox. Interestingly, Microsoft and Yahoo are in collaboration as the former powers Yahoo’s search technology.

The shifts in Google’s place among the widely used browsers might just be a sign of things to come in the near future. Although, no strong comments can be made about what lies in the future for Google Chrome and Google’s search engine, but it is quite clear that major shifts are in store.

Presently, Google is still the market leader among search engines, but things can change very rapidly with the rankings. The experts believe that Google should not give any slack in the efforts. Google is the most preferred search engine based on ease of use and user satisfaction. On the other hand, Yahoo and Microsoft are not keeping any stones unturned to stay in the race.

Apple’s efforts to remove Google from all its platforms are quite evident, as it will reduce the dependence of the iPhone maker on its competitor. Yahoo is also planning certain changes in its search technology to add another dimension to the race to be the most preferred search engine.

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