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Nintendo to bring Game Boy games for smartphones and tablets

The gaming giant Nintendo is planning to bring its old Gen games to the tablet, smartphone and phablet platforms. Nintendo has always sprung up with surprises for its fans and with the current rumor, it has sent a wave of excitement among the gamers.nintendo-game-boy

There are great chances that this rumor will actually turn true and if that happens, the gamers will be able to enjoy their favorite old games on their devices. The old generation games by Nintendo may also be available on the in-flight entertainment systems. This is not the first time that Nintendo has attempted something of this sort. It had emulated some of its older classic games into its gaming consoles as well. These games were, however equipped with the modern settings, which made them fun to play.

To make this idea into a reality, the company is planning to work on emulation that will actually revolve around the programming technique allowing the video game console to copy the original video game console and enabling the players to play the vintage games of their liking.

The third party emulation software programs exist in the market for several years now and they work on Android devices and personal computers. However, Apple has denied the third party emulation over its hardware owing to the privacy concerns. Hence, it becomes harder to figure out emulators that are compatible with iOS these days. Although Apple does not allow third party emulation on its hardware, the new move by Nintendo to come up with an official emulator app will drive Apple to allow the third party emulation on its devices.

A lot of third party emulators have been emulating Nintendo’s games illegally for many years now and it is high time for the gaming giant to pull up its sleeves and come out with its own original emulator version. This will not only benefit the company in general, but the whole gaming community.

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