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The essential apps for your new smartphone

Many of you might have bought a new smartphone on the occasion of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you haven’t purchased any new smartphones yet, you should grab one out of the week-long Cyber Monday deals across the online stores and retail stores near you. OK, what’s next? Obviously, the next step would be loading your new smartphone with all essential applications to get the most out of your device.smartphone-apps

As I have bought a new HTC One M8 and an Apple iPhone 6 for my brother, I went through a selection of essential apps for those devices to get started. Here is a list of important apps on your smartphones – whether it’s an Android phone or Apple iPhone. Please search for the apps mentioned in Google Play Store or App Store.

Social Media Apps:

There is no life for most of the people, if they don’t jump into the social network as soon as their new device arrives. The most important apps are Facebook (largest social network), Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest. As I have mentioned some image sharing apps here, it would be better to have one or two image editing application such as Snapseed by Google and PicsArt.

Important Financial Apps:

This is the more important part. In how many banks you have a savings or current account? Just remember those banks and download their official banking apps, if you have login information. If you are active in the Wall Street, then you should consider downloading your favorite brokers’ stock related apps.

Essential Google Apps:

Though most of the devices come with pre-installed Google apps, it would be better if you check out this segment not to miss out any. Make sure you have installed Google Maps, Google+ (social network), Google Drive (cloud storage), Google Play Music, Calander, etc..

Music Apps:

Don’t miss out Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, Google Play Music and similar favorite music applications. SoundCloud. Stitcher and Tunein Radio are also the best apps for free music and podcasts.

Messenger Apps:

WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat are essential smartphone messenger apps. You should try Google’s new messenger app for texts and MMS.

Video Apps:

MX Player and VLC Media Player are my first choice other than the default video player applications.

Other Apps:

This segment depends on your interests and activities. If you are having other cloud storage providers’ accounts, then you should download those apps first. For example, Box.com, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync etc. Productive apps like Tiny scan for scanning documents, Lyft for catching on-demand transportation, ES File Explorer for easy management of files on your phones, MS Office or free office suites for managing and editing your documents on your smartphone and a to do app, like Evernote could be very useful.

Games Apps:

This section is for those, who want to spend some more time with their smartphones. Check your device’s available memory, storage etc and choose the best time-pass games for your device.

Have I missed out any other important applications in this list. Please help me by adding those in the comments’ field below.

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