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Goal Zero recalls more than 10,000 battery packs for overheating issues

Adding to the list of recalls made this year is a line of battery packs. According to the reports, more that 10,000 battery packs have been officially nominated for a recall as they are considered to be potentially dangerous. The line of rechargeable battery pack includes the batteries used for Smartphones, laptops, and various other devices. The recall has been inflicted because the batteries hold a potential risk of catching fire while discharging or charging. The common ones among the affected battery packs are Goal Zero’s Sherpa 50 and Sherpa 120. Along with this, the list of recalls also include the company’s 12 volt car chargers and solar panels.Goal Zero recall

The detailed report states that approximately 10,000 battery packs have been included in the lists of recalls to be made in the United States. Along with this, approximately 110 battery packs have also been recalled from Canada. The batteries that have been recalled belong to a serial number of S/N 11002 S/N 11102. Both the line of batteries has a tendency of getting overheated, which can easily lead in fires.

This is not the first instance when rechargeable batteries have shown signs of explosion or catching fire. There have been many instances where some injuries have taken place as a result of the explosion of rechargeable batteries. In some cases, batteries of cars have also led to fatal explosions. Goal Zero has officially announced the recall and it will be expected that the company will look forward to go through with the working process soon.

In the official announcement, Goal Zero also clearly mentioned the steps that the users need to follow in case they are the subjects of the recalled battery packs. The owners can easily find out all the necessary information required by calling Goal Zero at 1-877-897-3193.

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