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Syrian Electronic Army takes a dig at American Websites

The Syrian Electronic Army is back with its notorious (popular for another side of the world) acts. The Syrian hacking group has already pulled off quite a few heroic heists in the past. The hacking group was rather relatively quite in the recent past. But, they seem to be back in their business as many websites have noticed pop ups of ‘SEA’ since Thanksgiving. The Syrian Electronic Army also tweeted a posted related to the Thanksgiving, which is serving as a headache to quite a few. The Syrian Electronic Army has a history with the United States and some of them are not a good one. The sudden resurgence of the SEA on various website has taken many people back.hackers

According to the reports, various individuals experienced pop ups from the Syrian Electronic Army’s servers. The pop ups were seen on many websites, including the Walmart Canada Website, CBC.ca, etc.. Some the individuals, even claim that they were redirected to the original website of the SEA sometime after they experienced the SEA pop ups. This is not the first time a hacker from the Middle east or nearby regions have peeped into the website of the United States.

Most of the affected websites claim that no user data has been compromised. According to the statement from CBC.ca, SEA did not access the main system or the servers of the website. There is no loss of data on their part as the hackers were not able to steal anything.  Otter affected website of companies like the New York Daily, Wal-Mart Canada, Daily Telegraph, the Independent, etc. also share the same claims as CBC.ca. The Syrian Electronic Army has posted quite a few screenshots claiming their feats of digging deep into the American websites.

It was later when the SEA posted another message taking the responsibility and claiming that they did not do any harm. The message was like, “We’re the good guys so this was harmless, but just in case the bad guys copy us, use NoScript with Firefox: https://noscript.net #SEA”.

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