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Lenovo uses the prank-video campaign to promote Yoga 3 Pro

Chinese company Lenovo went a step ahead in the promotion of its Yoga 3 Pro laptop by playing a prank on the shopper at Plymouth Meeting Mall in Pennsylvania, America. The company used the help of the Upright Citizens Brigade, a comic group for effective portrayal of the prank.lenovo-yoga-3-pro-video

The group acting as “fake” Lenovo employees demonstrated by turning Yoga 3 into a tablet and trying the same with a MacBook and breaking it. The fake group then handed over the broken Mac and then the “real” employees arrive on the scene accusing the shoppers. Shocked visitors were then blamed for breaking the computer, thus becoming victims of “prankvertising”. The hinge on Lenovo’s device allows it to bend into various modes. Digital marketing manager Bob Cordell stated that the company always finds new ways to market the products.

“We hope to do this in a way we’re upfront about it. We’re not trying to pull a fast one,” said Cordell.

However the success of the ad still remains unclear, though Rob Enderle, an analyst at Enderle group stated that the Apple and Mac faithful users rise in protest and the non-Mac fans also join in the argument to make the campaign go viral. He added that the campaign was working well. The prank posted on YouTube has resulted in a complete Apple vs Lenovo was with less focus given to the ad. Most users also revealed their preference to Mac rather than picking up a Chinese device.

The Yoga 3 Pro is powered by an Intel Core M processor, an internal memory of 512GB SSD and Intel GPU. The device promises a battery backup of 7.2 hours and is priced at $1299. The device includes Harmony, a software that learns the likes of users based on the different modes. Earlier, Lenovo released an ad with an “epic dance-off” between Windows-based Yoga 3 and MacBook Air.

Check out the prank video below:

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