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Sony Pictures internal network hacked, pictures and data leaked

The internal network of Sony Pictures Entertainment, the subsidiary of Sony has been hacked which has led to leaking of private information and corporate data on the web. The breach was discovered on Monday by employees with a warning message to meet the demand of the hackers.sonypictureshack-640x1136

SPE’s website was defaced by a group called ‘#GOP’ known as Guardians Of Peace who threatened the leak of sensitive corporate data. The group is also seen behind the hacking of some Twitter accounts related to the company which mentioned CEO Micheal Lynton “will go to hell” and included an image that showed the CEO in a hell background. The breach is expected to be resolved in two weeks  and the computer network was shut down.

“We have already warned you and this is just a beginning,” read the message.

However the data stolen from the server has already made its way into the internet via torrents that contains passwords with hints, and passport data of actors and crews. Text files lists the complete data on the content of the torrent like .PDF documents, Outlook .pst mailboxes, IT audit document and short films not related to the company.The group has also announced that it would provide the data to anyone if through an email request. The group listed emails from anonymous email services like Yopmail and Disregard,email. The .ZIP file from SPE containing the text file has a size of 217.6MB

Sony has admitted that the data has been breached and is investigating the “IT matter”. The company had faced similar situations in the past with the major hack-attack on Sony PlayStation Network in 2011 and had to pay $15 million as compensation to users. Recently, the same division came under a DDoS attack and Sony Online Entertainment division president John Smedley’s plane had to be grounded after a fake threat.

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