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PPLConnect Battery Manager: Text & call even when your battery is dead

PPLConnect has launched their their free app for download that will allow users to text and call even when the phone or tablet’s battery is dead. The app is similar to the iMessage feature for sending and receiving messages via Mac, PC and iPad when sent from a smartphone.pplconnect_dead_battery

The battery percentage of the smartphone is also displayed in percentage through the PPLConnect app after logging in and has the ability to display notifications when the batter is 10 percent or less. After the battery runs out, the web app can be used to be in touch with other PPLConnect users. However, users can also send a regular SMS to the contacts who do not have the app installed for 10 cents.

PPLConnect, based in Montreal was founded by Jenviev Azzolin and Densil D’Sa after quitting their jobs at Bombardier. The idea of the app was to function independently on a web enabled service along with all the contacts and information. D’Sa stated that the system is a complete phone on its own, so you can use it as a standard smartphone system. The company also plans to launch the apps on iOS platforms, but the permissions needed in the Apple system include hurdles.

The app has been released as private beta and is available for free on Google Play and is expected t include a cloud locker after its official launch. The ultimate aim of the company is to make apps, calendars, contacts and others accessible from the web. The demonstration video shows the seamless working of the app as a message sent on a phone quickly pops up on a tablet, PC and smartphone. The startup has raised $100,000 via innovation grant and equity funding. The company is set to seek a seed-funding investment to further support the development of the platform.

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Check out the PPL Connect video:

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