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K5 robots on show at Microsoft campus; not for security reasons

Microsoft is currently the second largest company in the world and this is a reason enough for the company to be among the news highlights. As it happens to a company of Microsoft’s magnitude, they hold quite a few special events all around the year. But sadly, Microsoft’s one such event has been misinterpreted by some sections of the internet media. The reports said that the K5 security robots were extensively used to patrol the Microsoft’s Silicon Valley compound. The robots by Knightscope were thought to be used for security reasons inside the compound, but the reason is something absolutely different.K5 robots on show at Microsoft Silicon Valley; not for security reasons

According to a blog post, the robots were on show during an event in the Silicon Valley. The event named ‘Rise of Robots’ was aimed to guide individuals on how these kind of robots work. During the event, the makers of the robots showed of the working pattern and efficiency in various real life scenarios, where the robots can be used for various purposes extending from educational ones to the act of fighting crimes.

The blog post also stated that the company was happy to see the excitement around the K5 robots. The makers, Knightscope are also happy to see the response. It is a nice feeling to see the news media taking so much interest in the Knightscope K5 Autonomous Data Machine. To be precise, the bullet shaped robot has been aimed to provide security in terms with its presence.

The Knightscope K5 Autonomous Data Machine is well equipped with features that will allow the robot to manage situations wherein humans might find some difficulties. No weapons have been handed over to the robots presently. It is probably not required even as the Robot is capable enough to inform the forces in dire needs. As it seems, the era of ‘Robots’ is probably on the rise.

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