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Open-platform AI device, Cubic to compete with Amazon Echo

Cubic Robotics launches Cubic, an open-platform artificial intelligence device for home entertainment and personal use similar to Amazon Echo.  The company has launched an crowd-funding campaign for mass production of the device on Nov.22 and is offering an early bird kit for $249.20141121210637-01-Cubic

CEO and Cofounder Yuriy Burov announced the development of the device and stated that the it is an intelligent assistant of the new kind. The Cubic comes in two models, Home Cube for indoor use and Power badge for outdoor use. Pledgers can either deposit $49 or pre-order the “Power Badge” for $99. The prototype of the devices has been developed and apps are available for iOS and Android platforms.

“We call our product a personal AI with a personality,” said Burov in a statement.

The device has the ability to develop its own AI for each user and acts as a digital co-pilot and picks commands via voice similar to the Amazon Echo. Burov mentioned that it took 2 years for the development of the high-quality device with the help of an $600,000 angel investment a year ago. The Moscow-based company launched in 2012 which has a team of 11 engineers announced that the device would be available for US consumers by the end of November.

Cubic Robotics hopes to reach the $100,000 target by Dec.22 through the crowd-funding campaign and has raised about $34,000 till now. The unique features of the device include patented long-range voice recognition system with a range of 25 feet, patented multi-topic conversation support system, patented Cubic intelligence core that has the ability to learn favorite topics, interests and others. The Smart Badge feature allows control from anywhere along with integration with more than 50 apps.

Other features like monitoring room temperature from office, reminders, commentary about news, traffic updates and the ability to read emails makes the open-platform device a worthy competitor to the Amazon Echo that only functions as a pre-programmed personal assistant.

Check out the promotional video:

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