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Unity is not a traditional Assassin’s Creed game – Ubisoft

This year’s sensational game Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s director Alexandre Amancio said that this new game is not meant to be the traditional Assassin’s Creed game, and they wanted the game to be the fresh start with a large and densely packed city as part of the game’s core experience.assassins-creed-unity

In an interview, Alexandre Amancio said that AC Unity is the first new generation game in the series and this franchise would be the first in the series with a completely new storyline. This is why Ubisoft tried to implement the traditional feel to the game than its previous version Black Flag. However, the game displays a concept of exploration and freedom to suit the modern gamers.

According to Alexandre, Paris, Unity’s own beautiful and realistic city was the hard work of Ubisoft. He also said that the hard work has been paid off so far. The game-makers tried to give the realistic feel to the city inside the game than the traditional film set feel. Ubisoft has added interiors, monuments and seven iconic districts to the Paris city of Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

AC Unity game’s Paris city has some iconic monuments like Bastille, though the structure was destroyed when the game begins. Alexandre said that the game actually begins before the structure was ruined. Ubisoft wanted to manage the balance between the traditional, architectural rich city and the historical accuracy, such as parts of Paris skyline. The team intentionally ruined the part of the iconic Bastille structure in the game to give its players more exploration options.

However, the problem began to rise because of the huge crowd characters added to the city, which generated many bugs and glitches to the realistic experience of the game. One of the glitches was about crowds appearing out of nowhere including people running and floating in the air. The game brings in random characters during important sequences. Missing faces with floating eyes and eerie mouth along with hair glitches are among others. Apart from the glitches in the latest game, a gamer posted an error in the end credits of Assassins Creed: Rogue.

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