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Toyota Mirai aims at emission-free motoring

Toyota President Akio Toyoda has announced the new Mirai model, a fuel cell vehicle that will run on hydrogen and will be available for consumers on Dec.15. The name “Mirai” means the future in Japanese and the new vehicle hopes to bring a change by offering emission-free motoring.1416683835084372700

Toyota has been working on the FCV’s for a more than 10 years and is regarded as the “ultimate form” of eco-friendly cars. Mirai was unveiled to the media consisting of 700 reporters at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation at Koto Ward, Tokyo. The vehicle offers a similar cruising range of a conventional saloon, can be refueled in five minutes and emits water vapor. Toyota Executive VP Mitsuhisa Kato said that the Japanese should be proud of an original product and would like to provide the vehicle across the globe.

“This is a car that lets you have it all with no compromises,” said Akio Toyoda.

Toyota stated that it was the Japanese people wisdom and technology that contributed to the development of the car. A majority of the company’s employees were unaware of the R&D of the vehicle as the research team comprised only three people and their name were not included in the company’s archives. The company also faced a series of challenges as it lacked the initial knowledge to manufacture fuel cells.

The fuel cell in the vehicle has the capacity to generate a week’s supply of electricity for a house. The car was tested for over ten years for over a million miles and in varied weather conditions. The FCV also offers dynamic handling with its low center of gravity. From developing the first prototype that had a special metal engine weighing 250 kgs that absorbs the hydrogen and reducing the refueling time from 30 minutes to less than five minutes the company has come a long way.

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