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Samsung accuses NVIDIA of infringing patents, files ITC complaint

In a bid to block NVIDIA chips from entering U.S market, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has filed a compliant with the U.S International Trade Commission against the company. The South Korean giant has asked the commission to prevent importing chips like Tegra-branded mobile processors and GeForce graphics chips for PCs.samsung-vs-nvidia-vs-qualcomm-patent

If the ITC rules in favor of Samsung, this would indirectly affect a number of companies like EVGA, Biostar which sells the gaming cards and others who use Tegra chips for mobile devices. The complaint also includes the two PC manufacturers, namely Biostar Microtech International Corp, and Elitegroup Computer Systems Co. In September, NVIDIA accused Samsung and Qualcomm of infringing GPU (graphics-processing unit) patents and in turn the latter decided to file a complaint to counter the accusation.

“A predictable tactic,” said NVIDIA on Samusung’s lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed in U.S federal court on Nov.4, Samsung is seeking damages for infringement of several patents, semiconductor buffer and use data. The company also accused the US-based chipmaker of false advertisements that its Tegra chips were the fatest and mentioned that Samsung’s GPU benchmarks proved that the chips were more faster. NVIDIA stated that is it likely to wait for a chance to pursue the case in another ITC compliant.

With the patent war heating up, NVIDIA is confident that its legal team would take care of the problems in the lawsuit as the company stated that it did not have the chance to closely examine the complaint. The commission is expected to provide a decision soon and it is unlikely that the Samsung will have the edge here as the NVIDIA has been a dominant player in the gaming industry and also on the fact that the lawsuit was an attempt to prevent import of chipsets.

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