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Members of the EU Parliament calling for the break-up of Google

The members of the European Parliament are complying with a motion that deals with the break-up of Google. They have readied the motion by removing its search engine functions from other services that are commercial.google-logo-screen-closeup

The finalization of the draft resolution may take place early next week. There would be voting designed to be taking place on Thursday, according to the reports. The European parliament actually exercises no powers to break up the functions of the company, but if the vote is in favor of the motion, it could pressurize the European Commission to take an action about it.

The motion by European parliament members is actually being backed up by some of the influential German politicians as well. The European People’s party as well as the socialists is also with the motion.

The spokesperson of Google did not make an immediate response to the situation and refused to comment. Google has been going through a long term investigation about anti-trust in the EU. Joaquin Almunia, who is EU’s previous anti-trust commissioner decided to put some terms to it back in February. However, after the complaints from online groups, the concession account is being reconsidered and supposed to be bigger.

A consumer rights group named Consumer Watchdog has backed the move as well. John Simpson, the privacy project director of Consumer Watchdog stated, “This is exactly what needs to happen. Search should be separated from Google’s other businesses. We called for this back in 2010 and the need to do this has become even clearer as Google’s power has increased.”

The US Department of Justice had also called Google to split its services from the other lines of business in the year 2010 and hence, the motion by the European Parliament is not a big surprise to the experts.

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