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Google Maps 9.1 comes with better voice recognition, local weather and information

The recent update released for Google maps has made it even better. With the launch of Android Lollipop, Google has released quite a few updates for its system softwares. The update released for the Google maps has caught the attention of many individuals including me as well. The updated Google Maps 9.1 comes with new features, which will allow you to have some exclusive benefits when you are out on the roads. The updated Google Map 9.1 has been released with Android L and Smartphones like the Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5, Moto Droid, etc. will be the first ones to have the update.google-maps-app-screenshot

According to the reports, Google Maps 9.1 is better than ever. In case, you have already had the rollout of Google Maps 9.1, you must be aware of what I am speaking about. The application now shows a great deal more than what it used to be in the past. There will be more information about your location as well as your destination. It is always good to know details of weather, temperature, traffic, etc. of the destination to which you are travelling and Google Maps 9.1 will surely prove its worth.

In addition, Google Maps 9.1 will also support a better voice recognition system with the help of an updated Google Now application. You can make special requests to Google Maps via voice communications. The reports also suggest that the Google Maps 9.1 comes with a much enhanced re-routing feature allowing the users to take alternative routes in case of traffic jams or any event.

Google has released the update for Google Maps 9.1 for a few Smartphones. The users can easily check for the update from Google Play Store. Google has also updated many other system applications along with Google Maps for the new Android L.

If you want to download the Google Maps 9.1.0 apk file, then go here: Apk Mirror

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