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Toyota recalls nearly 423,000 Lexuses for fuel leaks

The year 2014 is about to end, but there is another recall news from the automobile industry. This time it is Toyota Motor Corp. and its Lexus cars. Yes, the luxury segment is suffering the most, with companies recalling them to fix fuel tank issues. Not the newer models, but as old as 2006-11 GS, 2006-11 LS and 2007-10 Lexus LS models are being recalled. U.S. safety regulators have instructed Toyota to fix the issues free of cost. The company said it was not aware of the issue that time.toyota-lexus-brand-logo

The fuel pipes of these cars need to be fixed, because leaks can lead to fires. The number of cars recalled is definitely huge, but the documents submitted to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that the issue lies in the plating. The plating used to prevent the elements from corroding is clogging a connector that connects the fuel sensor to the fuel delivery pipe. It is cause fire in the Lexus luxury cars.

The gas leak complaints have grown since 2010 and the company had to investigate the real culprit. The safety concern is the reason behind this recall. The gas odor coming from engine compartments is because of this leak and it can cause fires to the entire car. The luxury segment is always managed properly with extra care taken to ensure that nothing goes wrong on its own. But here we see an exception. Toyota took nearly 4 years to get to the bottom of this cause and decided to recall 423,000 Lexus luxury cars and fix them.

The company and its dealers were already reported about more than 200 warranty claims. Dealers are to repair this fuel leak problem free of cost. The gasket seating surface issue has broken the previous record of recalls in the industry. We hope Toyota can fix the issue as soon as possible and deliver risk free vehicles.

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