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Google Contributor to make websites ad-free for as low as $1

Hate advertisements on web that plague your web pages, Google is out with a unique solution. Google Contributor, an experiment conducted by the search company, where it is inviting users to nominate a monthly subscription fee for the sites they want to view completely ad-free. The Google Ads will be removed and the users will see only a thank you message on the pages if they become a contributor. Top sites like Mashable, imgur, Urban Dictionary etc. are part of this experiment.google-contributor

The users pay a subscription fee and a part of that is given to the publisher. This way you get access to advertisement free content and have fewer distractions on the website you love to read. This is the very first time Google is doing something like this. We all know extensions like Ad-block to eliminate Ads, but this is a new kind of model, where users are paying for exclusive access and publishers are also getting their due. The experiment is conducted only in the US and it is similar to the fan funding experiment the company conducted in June for the video streaming site, YouTube.

This is also a crowd-funding way to keep publishers and users happy. A great attempt to fund the web by Google, but this is not entirely on the publishers benefit. The people may or may not pay for this service in long-term and this may not bring as high revenue as advertisement. Also the terms of revenue per subscription are yet not disclosed by Google.

To be a part of the Contributor experiment you will need a Google invite as it is still rolled out to just a few users in the United States only. Reading ad-free will be possible once Google decides to make this service live and you can consume your favorite content, blogs etc. without any ads.

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