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Can Selfies be Dangerous? How to Take a ’Safe’ Selfie?

You might be thinking, just how dangerous can a selfie be? Well, we are not talking about stumbling and falling off the side of a pier as you try to line up the perfect selfie. No, what we’re trying to say is that what other people can learn from you selfies can have dangerous consequences. When you post a photo on the internet of yourself and your family at the beach enjoying a day out, you’re also advertising the fact that you’re out for the day to any potential burglars that are prowling on social media websites. See the problem?taking-selfie

The selfie experts at ON.com, the newest people discovery engine that connects people through photos, has outlined tips and best practices to taking a ‘safe’ selfie.

Avoid Revealing Personal and Employments Information

Taking selfies of yourself and your work pals is a great idea, but be aware of the little things, like if you’re all wearing name badges. In one photo you could be sharing the faces, names and place of work of all your colleagues. Try to take photos that cut off at the shoulders so names, badges aren’t shown, and don’t mention exactly where you work when posting to social media.

Your Location and Clothing

By taking selfies repeatedly, in a particular well-known location and posting them to social media you’re telling people where you hang out regularly. Also, if you post selfies of yourself in different outfits you’re revealing information about the clothes you usually wear. This type of information could be used by people to find you, even if you don’t want them to.

Make Your Selfies Facial Recognition Proof

When you take a selfie, avoid taking photos that look similar to a passport photo. These could be used with facial scanning software to steal your identity. Each time you take a selfie just move the camera to a slight angle, either taking it from above your face or from a side angle. Photos will still look great, and you can even go the extra step to add a filter with an app like on.com. Keep all these tips in mind to stay safe when taking selfies!

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