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Google settles the patent litigation with Rockstar Consortium Inc.

Google and Rockstar Consurtium Inc. have finally decided to settle the litigation that has been going on for long now. The specifics of the settlement have not been leaked yet and hence we are not sure as to which company dropped the towel first. According to the reports, both the companies have decided to settle all the controversy matters between them. We are also not sure about the question on how it will affect the future of Android.rockstar-vs-google

This was certainly a case of ‘clash of titans’ and hence the heat produced due to it in the market was also high. Rockstar Consortium Inc. that possessed members like Apple, Microsoft and Sony outbid Google, in case of Nortel Networks patents.

The bid was measured to be $4.5 billion. Thousands of Nortel patents are owned by the group after the last year’s outbid by Google in the Nortel bankruptcy auction. Right after a couple of years, in October 2013, Rockstar sued Google and other OEM partners of the company, namely Huawei and Samsung on the same patents. This lawsuit has adversely impacted Android too.

Google tried its best to fight back against this case by trying to move the case away from Texas, since it has a reputation of taking the side of the patent holders.

Google had requested a California court to look into the case. Google not only decided to fight back against the case imposed on them, but it also sued Rockstar on the grounds of treating Android device makers unfairly.

The case is still in the pending stage in California, but the case that was going on in Texas has been closed. Neither of the two companies has made any statement regarding the settlement and hence, the terms of the same have not been unraveled yet. We are expected to receive an official statement by either of the companies with the terms of the settlement. One thing is clear for sure; this is going to involve a huge amount of settlement money.

[ Source: Court Document (PDF) ]

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