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Upgraded 2016 Chevy Volt unveiled at Los Angeles

The upgraded Chevrolet Volt 2016 was showcased at a Los Angeles event is now wider, longer for better handling, comes with more boot space and many other features. The next-generation vehicle will be launched by General Motors at North American Auto Show in January.


Earlier in August, only the logo of the vehicle was visible while the new set of pictures reveals the redesigned angular headlamps and grille with a new design. Though attendees at the event were shown the complete car after they signed an agreement for not revealing the details, a blogger at mychevroletvolt.com has revealed some details. Other attendees could only view the images that had only a front corner revealed.

“It looked lighter, higher off the ground, thinner, leaner, longer,” said an eyewitness.

The upgraded Chevy Volt 2016 now looks like a full length sedan, new lights and includes a bench between the original seats that is aimed at placing a child or infant. However the space does not look like a legroom, the blogger added. Other noted upgrades include improved interior design and the company has removed the “iPod” looking interface.

Consumers can now drive the vehicle on regular gasoline instead of premium and the earlier 1.4-liter engine has been replaced by 1.5-liter Ecotec engine. GM has not announced details regarding the pricing, but stated that the vehicle will include GPS-based charging with the ability to change charging settings based on home based GP data. The process will be initiated only when the user charges at home every day or once a week but will remain off while charging at the station.

The vehicle is more of an electric car that can run 40 miles and the gas engine can run 300 miles after the battery is depleted. General Motors revealed about the status indicator in the instrument panel that comes with battery indicator with a series of flashes. The company has promised a 12 percent efficiency improvement in the overall gas and all-electric mileage.

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