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Takata Corp. behind on schedule, no clear answers on airbags replacement

The Scene is getting clumsy day by day for Takata owing to their defective airbag. The defective airbags have already been the reason for recall of more that 15 million different vehicles already. Adding to the bad scenario is the news that Takata Corporation was very well aware of the defect with the airbags as early as the year 2005. Instead, Takata Corporation waited for around two years to inform the car makers and investigate into it, not before the defective airbags had already killed a person.Takata Corporation behind on schedule, no clear answers on airbags replacement

On the other hand, there are still no clear answers to when will Takata Corporation will be able to provide the replacements for the defective airbags. All that has been provided till date is truckloads of sympathy and promises. In fact, sources confirm that a Senior Honda executive has said that he himself is not sure about which model is safe and which is not. As it seems, the people are fearful that all the car models with Takata Airbags are not safe for travel anymore. The list of the people also includes Senator Dean Heller, whose daughter drives a 2007 Honda Civic.

In addition, there is no security that whether Takata Corporation will be able to cope up with the demands of fresh airbags. As the situation stands now, the car makers have already announced the recall of the defective vehicles and the Airbag manufacturer is running late on the productions. The car makers are a fix as the owners are getting restless.

According to the reports, the Government of Japan has at last interfered into the matter as they have ordered Takata Corporation to deal with the matter as if it were urgent and important as well. It will be interesting to see how Takata handles the pressure and how the car makers deal with the rising unrest among car owners.

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