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Samsung to launch 5 UltraHD monitors with AMD FreeSync in 2015

All Samsung Ultra HD monitors to have FreeSync support coming this new year. According to a statement from Samsung, All the Ultra HD monitors will have FreeSync. The statement was made at AMD’s event in Singapore. The FreeSync feature will allow the monitors to adapt to the refresh rates, according to the demand of the video. Well, this is specifically to help graphic designers in some cases and Gaming geeks. The adaptive refresh rate technology will allow the ones obsessed with high-end gaming to have a much better and smoother experience at 4K.samsung-monitor-amd-freesync

According to the experts, the technology will be mighty effective when the refresh rate falls below the normal rates, allowing a much better viewing experience. The technology adapts with the fall in rate and adjusts providing the users a view at 40 FPS or 60 FPS, irrespective of the deficiency.

According to the statistics, Samsung is the first company, which has officially made way for FreeSync. AMD had announced FreeSync last year and since then has been in a race with NVIDIA. AMD has beaten NVIDIA in the race as the latter is probably still working on a similar feature, named G-Sync.

The first look at the FreeSync feature has already given AMD quite a few things to rejoice about. AMD has launched FreeSync in collaboration with Samsung, which is in turn one of the major manufacturers of monitors. Thus, the experts believe that FreeSync will automatically get the kind of market exposure it needs. Samsung has specifically announced 5 Ultra HD monitors specially made for FreeSync. The company plans to launch them in the year 2015.

Quite a few AMD’s graphics cards will not be able to enjoy FreeSync. To be precise, one has to possess a graphics card greater than GCN 1.1 or higher to enjoy the feature.

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